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FHT to Print - Winter 2013

On December 6, 2012, Health Minister Deb Matthews announced the creation of the first 19 Health Links in Ontario. This initiative will improve patient care by encouraging more collaboration and co-ordination between a patient's different health care providers and will ensure patients receive responsive care that addresses their specific needs.

Health Links are a new way of coordinating local health care for patients whose journey through the health system is not as seamless as it could be, often resulting in both gaps and duplication in the care provided. When health care providers work as a team to care for a patient, they can better co-ordinate this journey, leading to better care for patients and improving the patient's experience and outcomes.

Health Links will initially concentrate their efforts on patients with complex conditions such as seniors, those with multiple chronic diseases, and those with mental illness and addictions. This group of patients often access care through an emergecny department and are often re-admitted to hospital when they could be receiving care in their community.

For additional information, please visit http:/ or contact your Loca Health Integration Network